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Name:Kodie River Finlay (( teen wolf oc ))
Birthdate:Jul 30
Location:Beacon Hills, California, United States of America
Website:teen wolf musebox @ beaconhillshigh

Kodie River Finlay was born in Surrey, England, when his parents were staying at their country manor for their summer holidays. Kensington in London was their home, however, and the family is from generations of old money and royally-connected lineage in England. Kodie's father is a criminal court judge, following in the footsteps of his father who is now a member of the Queen's Council, and a long line of legal professionals before them. Kodie's mother came from generations of medical professionals and she is now the Head of Neonatal Intensive Care at one of London's largest hospitals. Kodie is the eldest of four children and the only boy, with absolutely no interest in being either a lawyer or a doctor.

With his very upper class upbringing, Kodie is a student of the prestigious boys boarding school, Eton College in Windsor, England. He is a straight A student and has excelled in drama, along with playing the violin. Previously, he had dreams of performing on London's West End, however all that came to an abrupt halt when, just after his 17th birthday, Kodie's world bottomed out from under him. With the strict boarding school ways, Kodie and his group of friends tended to make the most of their summer breaks. This time, they were determined to get Kodie to lose his virginity as - apparently - he was the last one in their group to have sex, although he suspected a few of his friends were lying. On the way to the lake for their annual camping trip, as a joke, they left Kodie at a rest area when they stopped to use the bathroom and drove off. The plan was to pick up a prostitute in the local town and bring her back to Kodie as a laugh. When they got back to the rest area, Kodie was gone, and he has never told any of them what really happened to him that day.

As soon as he came out of the bathrooms, he didn't even have time realise his mates had driven off. He was pounced on and knocked to the ground, bumping his head and being knocked out. When he woke up, it was night, and he was lying in the scrub at the edge of the nearby woods. It was the night of a full moon, and he learned the hard way what had become of him. It was a mysterious female Alpha wolf who had bitten him, trying to gain new younger members to strengthen her pack. Maybe he wasn't strong enough, or maybe he didn't have what it took for her pack, but he was abandoned and left on his own. It was only by pure luck that a biker found him on the side of the road and upon seeing the bite on Kodie's shoulder when he went to tend to it with his first aid kit, knew exactly what he was. It was confirmed when Kodie shifted with the full moon, and the biker kept him contained in the back shed of the biker headquarters.

Kodie was missing for over a month, and after his second shift with the next full moon, the biker delivered him back home, promising to come collect him again the following month. Kodie had been listed as an official missing person, and his parents both turned into sobbing messes when he showed up on their doorstep. He didn't tell anyone what happened to him, and they all assumed he had been kidnapped, possibly even raped, but it was obvious he was a different person. His group of friends were all expelled from the school and Kodie returned after the summer, sinking himself back into his school work, though he quit both drama and music, unable to concentrate with the wolf powers to keep up his grades, but confirmed he still wanted to keep his application to become an exchange student to America with the next rotation of students going. His parents reluctantly agreed would be good for him after his ordeal.

It was then that he met new American student, Jackson Whittemore, and being a werewolf himself, picked up on the fact that Kodie was one too. They struck up a bit of an odd friendship, but Jackson began to teach him how to control his new form. He also told Kodie very extensively of his home town, Beacon Hills, and of the Alpha of a pack there, Scott McCall, whom Jackson seemed to have a love/hate fondness for. Despite that, though, there was no doubt the American wolf had respect for the wolves and people he left behind to come to England. That was when Kodie became determined to get to this Beacon Hills. He desperately wanted a pack to be part of, a group of friends that wouldn't judge him or fuck him over like the last lot, and he started to canvass the exchange committee to get him to California and as near to Beacon Hills as possible, if they could.

Being from the school he was, and having the top grades he did, his request was granted and a host family from Beacon Hills was accepting, being that of Lydia Martin. Jackson warned him that the place could be fucked up, but he came to see Kodie off at the airport, with a flippant comment that maybe he might end up back there himself sooner rather than later.

These days, Kodie is a lot more quiet than he used to be and lacks the air of confidence he always had in the past. He is still wary of his wolf control, and isn't entirely sure what he could be capable of with it. He is gay, and he never got to the point of coming out of the closet, and secretly has a yearning to do something creative like becoming a hairdresser or designing wedding gowns. He doesn't fit the stereotypical image of a werewolf at all. He's not a fan of the gym or working out, and has more of a lithe than ripped build. Many would even call him effeminate and had he come out of the closet, that side of him would probably have come out in him more.

He has no idea where his life is going to go, or if he will even be able to find this pack when he gets to American. All he knows is that his old life had become a farce he no longer felt he belonged in, and whatever came next, it couldn't get any worse, an opinion formed with complete obliviousness to the goings-on in Beacon Hills, California...

Kodie is an Original Character. He is a beta werewolf, based on Teen Wolf (tv series) canon. He is an exchange student from London, staying with Lydia Martin's family.

Kodie is an original character based on the Teen Wolf TV series canon. Teen Wolf is owned by creator Jeff Davis and MTV. No affiliation with Teen Wolf whatsoever. His backstory is original from his writer, and his PB is Alex Watson. No profit is being made, no infringement intended. For RP and muse writing purposes only.

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